How to Properly Loosen Flowerpots

After growing flowers for a long time, it may cause the soil in the basin harden, nutrients are not enough, is not conducive to the healthy growth of plants. So in order to better growth of flowers, it is best to change the basin. If you don’t like changing your pot frequently, try often loosening the soil. This can not only change the soil physical structure, create a good ventilation environment for the root system, but also make up for the deficiency of soil moisture and nutrition in the basin, and accelerate the growth of plants.

However, if the method of loosening soil is not correct, it is possible to destroy the root system, and the plant can not absorb water properly, the flowers may die because of the loosening.

So how to properly loosen the soil for potted flowers?

Frequency of loosening soil

The frequency of loosening soil should be determined according to the situation of flowers. If the roots of flowers have not been injured, the loosening frequency can be increased. As long as the soil in the flowerpot is hardened, it can be loosened. If the root of the flowers have injuries, the frequency of loosening soil can not be too frequent, so as not to cause secondary damage to the roots of flowers.

Steps for loosening soil

1. first of all, you can use bamboo sticks go along the edge of the flowerpot to slowly loosen the soil in the flowerpot. Loosen the soil deep enough to see the roots of the flowers. In this process, you should pay special attention, do not force too hard to break the roots of the flowers. But some flowers can be broken off the surface of the root, which is conducive to the plant growing new roots.

2. Hold the flowerpot tightly with one hand, and tap the side of it with the other hand, evenly, until the soil in the pot becomes loose.

3. use special flowerpot loosening tools to loosen the soil, and then take a relatively slender stick slowly inserted into the bottom of the pot, so to loosen the soil around the root, remember not to break the roots of flowers.

4. after the end of the above steps, watering the flowerpot with a small amount of water. After the soil dries, continue to loosen the soil with bamboo sticks. This step can be repeated two or three times, so that you can achieve the effect of fully loosened soil.

Note: At ordinary times, you can add some rotten leaves and peat into the soil, which can increase the permeability of the soil inside the flowerpot and reduce the speed of soil compaction. By this way, you don’t have to loosen the soil frequently.


Post time: Jun-10-2022


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