What We Should Put Inside the Flowerpot

The first one: dead leaves of trees
The advantages of using dead leaves are as below:
1. Dead leaves are very common and do not cost too much. There are dead leaves where there are trees;
2. Dead leaves themselves are a kind of fertilizer, which is the same as that when the wheat in rural areas is ripe and harvested, the branches will be broken with a large harvester and returned to the ground.
3. Dead leaves can also play the role of water storage. When watered, water will be stored on the dead leaves for a long time, which is very conducive to the continuous supplement of nutrition to the roots of flowers and plants.

The second one: charcoal
The benefits of charcoal backing are as below:
1. Charcoal is loose and breathable, which can avoid ponding and rotten roots.
2. Charcoal has a certain disinfection effect, can accelerate the healing of cuttings, take root quickly, and the survival rate is very high.
3. Charcoal is very good for raising orchids. It is more breathable than soil and water moss and closer to the original environment of orchids. It can let orchids absorb water in the air by their roots. Therefore, it is very suitable for raising orchids.
4. Charcoal is rich in minerals and trace elements, which is conducive to the growth of plants.

The third one: cinder
The advantages of using cinder are as below:
1. It is breathable and permeable, and the use effect is no worse than that of leaves and charcoal;
2. It contains a lot of trace elements, such as iron oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, etc;
3. It contains a large amount of burned stones, loess and other media required for the planting of succulent plants;
4. Reduced to almost zero cost media, especially for those enthusiasts who grow a lot, it plays a large number of filling advantages.

Cinder can not only be used as a base, but also be mixed with soil to raise fleshy plants. After the coal cinder is mixed with soil, the soil is loose, which can effectively prevent the soil from caking and hardening.

Post time: Jan-05-2022


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